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A fact to realize the digital world around us!

In my previous articles about Leadership (My Lessons Learn on Virtual Leadership & How do I define my Leadership style), I used a fact about Goal Setting effectiveness based on Goal Research of Dominican University of California. To summarize it:

The power of goal setting — Research by Dominican University College — where “Groups written Goals” archived significantly more than “Groups unwritten Goals” is 50% (😍) (6.44 / 4.28 in the report) [1].

The interesting thing here is when I researched about Goal Setting effectiveness before I found some Dominican’s research…

Context: I’m in charge of one team of 5 members to achieve our team goals in the subject Management Information System in one month during CIO Coaching Program [1].

In Part 1 — I’ll introduce my lesson learn and go further, finding what is leadership and how to define it for ourselves in part 2 of the article.

Part 1 — My Lesson Learn

  • It’s so interesting and useful to us when studying and discussing online completely during this subject. Everyone was working remotely (due to Covid) and all have lessons on the pros and cons of remotely working experience.
  • Our subject is MIS — the…

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Today I have a concern about what we should do in the next move. But btw I should write about what I did in the last week with my new companion-in-arms.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Do you know about the quote above? Let’s go with it first.

For example, when someone perceives a need to become a good spouse or a good parent when the weight of responsibility falls on someone to provide a living for people who are depending upon him/her, situations in which being an effective leader is simply not an option — any number of situations can arise in life that…

Gain a 10x result by getting the foundations first!

The beautiful graphic user interface(UI) will never cover up poor UX. But poor UX can ruin all the user positive emotions no matter how good UI is.

We’ve brought together 16 formatting tips to up your Medium game.

Firstly, come up with the history

The vast majority of the general population are yet befuddling what really User Experience is? They generally categories UX as the design or usability of the app or website or a software system.

That isn’t right. User Experience is more extensive than this. User Experience is available in everything that we use on a regular basis.

Understand why we should have a goal is much more important.

Swimming contest of old teacher

In the old days, at a Jewish school, a teacher took his students to a cove to swim in a quiet day. He told the male students who were healthy and good at swimming to take a swim to the sea to see who could swim farthest. Some male students immediately plunged into the water and started swimming, and a not small number of them stood on the shore confused without participating in his challenge.

The Jewish teacher swam a large boat following the brave male students swimming in…

No more methodology, no more an approach. It’s much more, that every product company should have…

A little of Agile’s history

It all started in the spring of 2000, when a group of 17 software developers, including Martin Fowler, Jim Highsmith, Jon Kern, Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber, and Bob Martin met in Oregon to discuss how they could speed up development times in order bring new software to market faster. They recognized two key opportunities that achieving this goal would make possible:

  1. Shortening the delay of benefits to users in order to resolve the product-market fit and development graveyard problems
  2. Getting feedback from users quickly…

It’s a noise when in Product Management has a lot of new terms every day, and they forget the KISS principle…

Product management is creating and keeping them by the ability to apply technology and business

This is a basic definition we know and learn by heart, apply KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!), I will define product management is process includes 3 ways:

Are a customer-centric approach and the voice of our customers relevantly together?

Our customer’re so cute, but sometimes…

I remember a one-time interview, my interviewer asked me “Do I hate the customers?”. I was a bit surprised and answered: “hmm… I love them, of course, so I choose the product management to join and together provide a special product to the market also our customers. But truly some time they are overload and make our stuff messing up…” — “What, that means you hate them, you need to always love them and have a sprint to dedicate to the customer, always…”

BA, Business Analysis, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence,…???

Bài viết dành cho các bạn có mong muốn tìm hiểu “sương sương” về BA, cụ thể hơn là Business Analyst.

  • Business: Ở đây là nghiệp vụ, cực kỳ quan trọng chúng ta sẽ nhầm lẫn với kinh doanh. Nghiệp vụ có thể hiểu là kiến thức, kỹ năng thực hiện công việc cụ thể trong một ngành nào đó.
  • Analyst: hậu tố “yst” chỉ người hay là người phân tích.

Business Analyst = Người phân tích nghiệp vụ/ kinh doanh.

Những “titles” thường gặp

Business Analysis = System Analysis = IT Business Analysis (phân tích hệ thống)

  • Đây là nơi gây nhiều…

This article introduces to you a basic thing from what I learn online about databases includes definitions, SQL, NoSQL. Don’t make it too hard to understand, make it easy!

What is Database?

  • The database is any collection of related information like a shopping list, a book, a newspaper, and databases can be stored in different ways on paper, in your mind, or on the computer!
  • Database + computer = the present what we are caring for: The trillion pieces of information need to be stored and readily available. Security is extremely important and essential and information is stored on the computer.
  • Computers are…


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